Monday, July 7, 2014

In to The Wild | Pahang National Park

 © 2014 Photographed by Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Pahang National Park

This photo I used canon 450D and wide angle lense 20mm. For this photo I'm using small aperture at f/8 to create the sharp image for me aperture at f/8 - f/11 is good enough to create a perfect sharp image. But you need to make sure about the lighting condition.

Be prepare if you wanna go and photograph jungle, hiking, or visit to the place that have the environment always raining and moist, make sure you bring along the silica gel to keep you lovable camera, lens, and others equipment always protected from fungus.

Friday, July 4, 2014



Hi there, I wanna share with you guys this coolest and unique restaurant that you can try. This is LeGeo Art Restaurant where the place you can enjoy your meal and also enjoy the environment of artistic decoration here. This LeGeo Art Restaurant concept wasy full with wooden decoration the kind of rustic and vintage.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Astro World Cup 2014 Event Photo Highlight

Astro World Cup Event Photo Highlight
Astro World Cup Event Photo Highlight

Astro World Cup Event Photo Highlight

Stadium Astro  Event Photo Highlighted.

Do you love football? I know most of you out there love football and during this Fifa World Cup 2014 Astro have bring you the coolest apps for all football fans. This is for you do not miss every single matches of the football matches.

I was invited to this astro Olabola by nuffnang actually by my fiance, they was invited officially my fiance to this event and I am just follow her. hehe. I love my fiancé so much. She always delighted my way and day.

I was jumped into this blogger world also because of her.hehe. Okay back to our story, this Astro Olabola was invited a few blogger and chuppers. This event was full with many exciting games and all game was related with this Fifa World Cup 2014.

Okay one more thing this event was held at the roof top of Skypark One City Mall Puchong. This is first time I went to this shopping mall. This is awesome mall I have been there.

Okay do not waste your time any more, let’s check out this event photo highlighted below, do share and comment :

Enjoy bola enjoy Astro enjoy your day dude! This is Brazil!

For more information about this event, click sayaiday

Astro World Cup Event Photo Highlight

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Photo was Stolen? | Respect Others Photo

Keretapi Sarong
© 2014 Photographed by Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Keretapi Sarong

Okay this story was happened to me a few days a go when this one girl was said that my photo above is from her. Wow make me shocked! this thing was happen when she comment on my instagram

You know what for me this girl very rude and never respect people! She never asked first about my photo then make a statement that my photo is belong to her. She just simply said that photo is from her. She's does not want to apologize to my. She called her self as a photographer? Oh my! Do not said like that if you never respect others photo.

One more thing is where you put your eye when you even do not know what exactly your own photo, just simply blame me and said that is your photo!

She have a blog but never update and I also not seen any photo there and she still call her self a photographer. Thank to my fiance because cheer my day that time while I'm get mad because of that rude girl.

See this I'll show you.

keretapi sarong
Rude girl simply said like this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Limablas Restaurant | Chasing The Baba Nyonya Asam Pedas

© 2014 Photographed by Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Asam Pedas 
My mom was born in Johor and I'm always and was raised with Johor food. One of the famous Johor food is Asam Pedas and already know how the taste it. A few days ago I was found this LimaBlas Restaurant through their facebook,ops sorry not me but my fiance, she's the one who always looking a something unique to be explore and she also the unique one for me.emm yeah kinda unique. hehe

My Fiance Iday

Okay back to our story, she was asked me to go to this LimaBlas Restaurant in 15 Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Before I went there I have done a few search about this LimaBlas Restaurant what kind off food they have.

This because I want to avoid if this is non halal restaurant and lastly I've got the good information where this restaurant was serve basic comfort food of BABA/NYONYA cuisine! heritage food from MALAYSIA! and pork free.

They have the special menu and it is a Asam Pedas Baba Nyonya. This is the time I want to try the different type of Asam Pedas beside the Johor one. All this my fiance idea!

We was order a few side dish such as kangkung belacan and fried rice. I was order nasi fried rice and my fiance just plain rice. Okay this is the crucial parts, I was order fried rice because I thought the Asam Pedas only a small plate and only can ate by my fiance, but I'm totally wrong!

Asam Pedas in this Lima Blas Restaurant they actually served for 2 pax can eat or may be 3 pax because that fish was so big than I thought. This Asam Pedas was quite nice and a little bit spicy and I can't stand for spicy food.hehe

My fiance very happy enjoy her meal. The kangkung one the taste just like the ordinary taste and also for the fried rice. For drink I was choose their chendol gula melaka in English may be they called chendol brown sugar. The taste of this chendol was very nice and like at Jongker Walk Malacca.

Finally we have stomach full after eat all the food here.

Below is the photo of the food and the decoration of this Lima Blas Restaurant.hehe
Let the photo tell the story.

All my photo below was edit using this presets!

Limablas Restaurant  Asam Pedas Baba Nyonya
LimaBlas Restaurant | Old style and vintage decoration

Monday, June 16, 2014

One City Mall Skypark

One City Mall Skypark
One City Mall Skypark
Last weekend I was visited to One City Mall in Subang. Here have something unique than others mall, it is a Skypark. At the top of this One City Mall have a park was called Skypark where there have a pieces off glass that you will see inside of the mall when you stand at the glass.

Is it scare right? For me not so scare about height but when I'm arrive and stand at that glass my knee was shaking like I was twelve years old kid. The most scare is when have a little kid running and jump at the glass.

You can feel the vibration of the glass. This is the place where you can bring your family and kids to relax and enjoy with them during weekend.

Below is a few photo that I have took even just a few minute there.

One City Mall Skypark
At the balcony of the One City Mall Skypark

One City Mall Skypark
At the balcony of the One City Mall Skypark

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park

How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park
How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park

Last few days ago I have been to the Tinggi Island in Johor. Actually this is my first time visiting this Tinggi Island Marine Park. I have got this opportunity because of documenting about artificial 'tukuns' to conduct the Coral Propagation and to rehabilitate the coral reef at Jabatan Taman Laut Pulau Tinggi & Pulau Sibu.

Here I want to share with you the step how to get there. This is base on my first time experience, I was drove by car from Kuala Lumpur and straightly to Tanjung Leman Jetty it takes a round 7 hour to arrived at Tanjung Leman Jetty.

There have no others choice to get here by flight, you only can drive untill Tanjung Leman Jetty and take a boat ride from the jetty to Tinggi Island Marine Park.

There have a resort for you to stay and the cheapest rate that I know is around RM 155.00. This is base what I was asked from the worker at that resort.  

Here is the resort information : TAD Resort

Here you can do an activity such as diving, snorkeling, kayak, beach softball and many thing with your family. 

For those who love diving activity don not to worry, because here have a Diving shop center where provide diving equipment rental with valuable price.

I don have much time to capture the environment here because have a lot of work to do, hopefully my photo bellow will help you to imagine the place in Tinggi Island. If you have any question can drop your comment below. hehe 

How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park
How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park
How To Get There | Tinggi Island Marine Park